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Schedule - Advisory May 5



From Monday May 8th, 2017 , the Press Association's website will no longer be updated with new content. Instead, subscribers will b ... (82 words)


Film - Bloom May 2

'I feel good about what's to come'

Orlando Bloom is certainly not short of media headlines.

His antics - one Google search is all it takes - have meant he's now as famous for his Internet-breaking nude paddle boarding e ... (990 words)

Book - Hawkins May 2

New train of thought for Paula

How do you follow the mega global success of a book like The Girl On The Train, the hottest thriller of the decade?

It's a question Paula Hawkins must have asked herself when she sat ... (1193 words)

Travel - California May 3

Gleaming fringes of the Golden State

Everyone loves a bit of sightseeing, and there's nothing like that first moment you clap eyes an iconic landmark that you have only previously seen on TV or in print.

"To your right, y ... (891 words)

Interiors - Decorate May 4

Nature's perfect palette

Sometimes nature knows best, but who'd have thought it also holds the answers to home decorating? Looking to the skies and the changing colours of the landscape is the newest (and highly welco ... (1064 words)