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Picture of a piggy bank


Give your readers the lowdown on family money matters and give your advertisers a targeted opportunity to promote their financial products and services.

A Rover car being tested


Our weekly column includes road tests of the latest models with a selection of images, and a round up of the latest motoring news.

For Sale sign


The popular property column tackles every aspect of buying, selling and owning a home. There's also a weekly DIY feature that will add value to any property section, and a weekly look at the latest trends in interiors.

Woman relaxing


Every week, we offer brand new, up-to-date features covering the latest trends in the following areas: food, fashion, beauty, woman, parenting and consumer.

A flower


Download our popular weekly gardening column, which includes a topical feature, list of chores for the week, a section on growing fruit and veg plus handy tips.

Ancient ruins


Take your readers around the world's top holiday destinations with our weekly travel column.

A stethoscope


A major weekly feature, covering a high-profile or topical health issue.

Retro television


Every week you can read two interviews from the hottest stars on the box, previews of the week's TV films and the pick of the week’s programmes.



Check out the film section every week to access interviews with the biggest stars, our expert critics’ reviews of all the latest films and details of the latest DVDs to rent or buy.

Record player


Take your pick from our weekly pop column and regular interviews with the latest chart-topping acts.

Movie star on the red carpet


PA FeatureFile gives you a choice of two lively celebrity Q&A interviews every week.

Pile of books


We bring you weekly book reviews with a critical look at the latest blockbusters, plus an interview with the hottest authors.

Chrismas tree glass ball ornament


Our special features cover major seasonal events such as Christmas, New Year, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and Father’s Day, plus occasional one-offs such as Royal Weddings.

Libra starsign


See what the stars have in store for your readers next week, with PA Entertainment’s renowned horoscopes. Our astrologer, John Garland, has a growing reputation as a crisp, upbeat writer whose bold predictions will ensure loyalty to your title.

Crossword puzzle


Download our popular dual crossword with both quick and cryptic clues.